How to set up your personal Auburn Website

This tutuorial will tell you step by step on how to set up your personal Auburn webiste.

The final result is (

All files used in this tutuorial are available on (

You need to know

A lot of students still do not know that:

The UNIX server, known as Mallard, hosts the Auburn University homepage. All Students and Employees automatically have 10GB of web space already set up on this server (

According to: AU OIT Web Development

Section 1: Static Site Generator

FarBox、Jekyll、Octopress、ghost、marboo、Hexo、Medium、Logdown、 etc. For now, there exists a lot of ways that you can choose to design your static homepage or blog. Here, I will use jemdoc as a example. In the next, Xiaopu will show you how to use Hexo to set up a more powerful blog.

jemdoc introduction

a. Install jemdoc

In fact, jemdoc is a python script. you can download it from (;

at the same time, download their default css file (

Basically, the grammer of jemdoc is simialr to the markdown lanuage. You can build a minimalist personal hompage using jemdoc with a your own customized css file.

b. How to use jemdoc

Create a new fold, and putting the above two files you downloaded into the fold.

First, Create a file named “MENU”. Attached is the content of my MENU file:

My MENU file content

Second, Create corresponding .jemdoc file according to the .html file you created on the MENU file. After that, using to parse those file into html files. Attached is the content of my index.jemdoc

My index.jemdoc file content

Third, Using python2.7 run the as below, a file named “index.html” will be generated.

python2.7 index.jemdoc

Last, you can put your favoriate picutre named as “favicon.ico” within the same fold.

My favicon.ico file

Section 2: Uploading files to the web space of AU

Multi-ways to uploading your files to the server hosted by the Auburn University depending on your computer system. Here I will show you how to use software Cyberduck. BTW, if you need to using VPN ( if you are not on the Auburn network.

a. Launch cyberduck

Cyberduck software new connection

  1. Clicking open connection, then choose “SFTP”
  2. Typing into the server box, and make sure the port is 22
  3. Typing your AUaccess username and password

b. After you connected

You web space on AU
Dragging all your files to the fold named “public_html”.

Hello World

Welcome to Hexo! This is your very first post. Check documentation for more info. If you get any problems when using Hexo, you can find the answer in troubleshooting or you can ask me on GitHub.

Quick Start

Create a new post

$ hexo new "My New Post"

More info: Writing

Run server

$ hexo server

More info: Server

Generate static files

$ hexo generate

More info: Generating

Deploy to remote sites

$ hexo deploy

More info: Deployment